Thursday, March 06, 2014


I found a post today by someone calling themselves Josh Worth*, in which he laments the bygone days of the anonymous internet. Something I also mourn, albeit not as beautifully.

I find it something of an oddity, really, that of all the people I met and engaged in online acquaintances and friendships, the coolest, most interesting people used a nom de guerre. Something about the anonymous made it easier to trust, which makes little logical sense, since nom de guerre translates to "war name", but there it is.

When I sign in to Google, now, it asks me for my "One Google account for everything Google" which kind of reminds me of Tolkein: One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

How all of this connects? It doesn't have to connect.

*I was clicking around io9 and found his "If the moon were only a pixel" graphic, and, in something of an out of character move on my part, I clicked through to his webpage and blog.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Would you believe I got a phone call from a gentleman at Google? His name is Eduardo. And with a very subtle Spanish-esqe accent, he walked me step-by-step through the process of renewing my domain. Very patient. Very friendly.

Getting any kind of a response from a monolith of Google’s proportions was astonishing. Getting a response in the same day was magical. Getting a solution only a few hours after first sending the email request for help was a damn miracle.

My faith in customer service is now fully restored.

Thank you, Eduardo.

Give that man a raise, Google.


My daughter came home with a four-year plan she worked up at the guidance office at her school. It includes welding technology. And automotive technology. And AP English. Because of course.


I hate the word “hubby.” Hate it. I’m not sure why, but it might be that the companion to “hubby” is “wifey” and no. Just no. Absolutely not.


Winter needs to be over already. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I spent the better part of two hours today fighting with Google, trying to pay the fee that keeps my domain name in place. Why is it so damn hard to give a company money? Blogger was no help, as they are part of Google. So I dug through Gmail, found the receipt from the last time I renewed (which I remember as being very simple) and clicked around some more. No luck.
If this place goes dark after March 10, you will know that I lost the fight and Google shut off the lights.


So why am I still doing this? I’m not, really. I’ve all but abandoned this blog. I’ve taken down years of posts. Stripped it down to practically nothing. And yet…I find comfort knowing this is here. Comfort in holding on to what was once a place for me to dump all the chaos in my head. I can’t let it die.

The chaos is still here. Still waters run deep and all that, but taking the anonymity away from the internet changed it. But change is good. Right?


Winter is hanging on. Much like this cold I’ve been suffering for about two weeks. Maybe more. The weather must break. Spring and health must return.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I should have a plan

“Have you finished your Christmas Shopping yet?”

People should instead ask, “Have you STARTED your Christmas Shopping?”

Because the answer to both questions is a resounding “No.” Followed by a not-very-holiday-spirit-like “Duh,” complete with an eye-roll.

I’m really starting to envy religions who don’t subscribe to unabashed consumerism. Atheism is looking pretty good this time of year. Again.


The seasonal change is starting (Starting? Hah!) to kick my ass. I’m tired. I’m sleeping too much. I can’t figure out how the elliptical machine works (fancy way of saying I’ve not used it for a while again). I can count more stars at five pm than should be allowed legally. My concentration is for shit. Typing a complete thought in the form of a sentence that is both coherent and…well. I’m not sure where I was going with that, but whatever.

Every year, twice a  year, I listen to people bitch about the Daylight Savings thing, but you know what? Adjusting the time regularly scheduled events are expected to happen (work day starting/ending, things like that) isn’t that big of a hardship, really. We, meaning humans, determine the time, anyway. And when you consider how desperately I need each and every hour of sunlight, adjusting times so that can happen is fine with me. So sorry if you are inconvenienced.


I’m getting sick of defending the Affordable Care Act. Nearly everyone I talk to has something awful to say about it.

You’re losing your current plan. (My husband and daughters are losing theirs, too, but it is an expensive and also shitty plan.)

You are a man and are expected to pay for prenatal/maternity care. (Sack up, boy, women have been helping men foot the bill for erectile dysfunction, prostate examinations and such since… always. Did you hatch just yesterday or do you have absolutely NO women in your life.)

You are young and healthy and don’t need insurance. (Tempt that god, push your luck, announce your hubris, I fucking dare you. You are not 10-foot-tall-and-bullet-proof. Really.)

The fines for not signing up are going to take food from your children’s mouths. (If things are really that bad, go apply for WIC or Medicaid or SNAP or visit the Food Bank or something. Jesus. Your pride should not prevent your kids from eating, for the Love of God.)

With my preexisting conditions and generally shitty health, I’ve not been *allowed* to purchase health insurance for going on four years. Flying by the seat of my pants should not be how I live my life from day to day. And yet, flying by the seat of my pants is kind of my modus operandi: major presentations, packing for week-long trips, cooking. But I’d rather not just “hope for the best” when considering how bloody expensive a trip to the ER can be. It is dangerous to my health. It is dangerous to my family’s well-being, both health-wise and financially. It is also dangerous to my business - and thereby affects my business partner negatively, too.

So if you are angry about the Healthcare Act, I’m sorry. I am. I know how difficult change can be. I do. But the system was broken before and while it isn’t completely fixed now, it is a helluvalot better than it was and with some cooperative clear-eyed, long-range vision and work, it will be great.

I have hope.

Mexico - Cabo 2013

I have to have hope. Because luck doesn’t pay hospital bills.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Not what you'd think

NaBloPoMo asks Friday, November 15, 2013: 
If you could quit one bad habit instantly without difficulty, which would it be?

Bad habits abound. If you looked at me hard enough and close enough, you'd probably find each of the "7 Deadlies" represented full on.

Looking at the question for the day through the sinful lens held up by religion, I'd say Sloth is my worst sin or habit. I don't mean that I laze about all day expecting someone to peel me a grape.


Sloth has more to do with not reaching potential, refusing to use one's talents or gifts, knowing full well what should be done and simply not getting it done.

That is my sin. That is the habit I would like to quit without difficulty.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Delay, delay, delay

Long days on the road have me listening to some different music.

Back to the basics of life. (I remember this song on dad's turntable/stereo...back back back in the day.)

Hope you had a good one.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Road day

When I'm on the road for meetings and various events, homework gets done using text message. Muffy sends a picture of the math book page and we work to finish each problem via distance. When our work and the answer looks the same we go to the next problem.

If only this option had been available when I was in school. I maybe would have learned it then and not have to teach this stuff to myself all over again.