Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I don't know what that means

Where are we going?

I’ve started investigating alternative schools for Muffy. The Boy, who cannot keep a secret to save his life, leaked this intel before I was sure of what road to take. Now - I’m on the road to Changing Schools whether I like it or not.

In regional news, I’m still spending the majority of my day starving to death. Or - at least thinking I’m starving. I’m not. My pants are still too small.

Because I read good things about them on the internet - and therefore it Must Be Gospel - I am now a devoted fan of Larabars. Good to the YUM. I’ve not met a Larabar flavor I don’t devour like a starving animal. Which I kind of am. But then not. I’m all kinds of conflicted about this whole diet thing, in case you are not a student of the obvious.

In other news, iTunes has decided it must be close enough to Christmas to start including Holiday Music in my shuffle. Intolerable. And what is this Ping it keeps asking me about? Not all that interested, really, unless I can set it to send me the free song downloads every week without having to navigate the iTunes Store. That I’d sign up for.


Assisting the Socially Neotenous

Unlike some people I know in real life (or on Facebook - as real as that can be, I guess), I don’t gauge my value on the planet by how many Facebook “Happy Birthday” greetings I receive. Am I the only person on the web to think such blasphemous thoughts?

If I may directly address a tiny segment of the population: The only person who should be miffed about you getting or not getting Birthday Greetings is your MOM. She’s the one who suffered your birth, childhood and puberty. Go thank her instead of demonstrating your mastery of passive-aggressive behaviors.

Of course, watching this play out has me slowly shaking my head at my computer screen…grown-damn-adults acting like children online. Of course, we didn’t need the internet to make fools of ourselves. I should know.

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Becki said...

I'm proud to say that I'm old school. I can make an absolute fool of myself with no technology whatsoever. The internet just helps me to do it more quickly and more permanently and to distribute the record much more widely.