Friday, December 02, 2011

Balance is a myth

So Tanner was put down on October 26. The night before, I took a call from a sobbing (youngest) daughter. She had tried to help Tanner get up to go outside and they had slipped, falling hard. Tanner could no longer stand and from what I could understand, had probably broken something. Follow that with a  pissed-off call with The Boy because I was about 200 miles away and he would have to deal with all the drama at home.


The next day, I talked to the eldest daughter and she was holding it together quite well. And then I went out and read her Twitter feed. No wonder she is an actress.

After all that and much more I’m not interested in writing about, much less think about, we’ll have her buried this spring in the pet cemetery where Rex is. I like to think that will make Tanner happy.


I hate this Google+ bullshit. While I’m not nearly as concerned with anonymity online as I once was, I like having a blog that isn’t directly attached to my name. Although, I’m sure it is an easy connect the dots exercise for most.

Google+ requires real names attached to real people. Where is the fun in that? I like my nom de plume.

Facebook is different, as is LinkedIn, ad nauseam. But my blog was where I could howl or bitch or just blabber without having to worry it would blow back on me. Much. The part I really dislike is that I can no longer “share to blogger” on the sidebar here like I used to from Google Reader. Now everything is a “re-post” if I want to share. Do. Not. Want.

Google? If you are listening? I loved you once. Now? I’m kinda having second thoughts.


I put 3000 miles on my Jeep this month. Ever since I took a job that had me on the road, I’ve often wondered how many times around the world I could have traveled had I not zig-zagged about the region. Now, I’m starting to wonder how many times to the moon and back I could travel, would my Jeep allow for interstellar jumps.

I’ve also found the Book channel on my Sirius XM radio. Love. A great break from all the Octane and Alt Nation rock I suddenly know all the words to. I swear I could memorize the entire Library of Congress if you put it to music. Homer’s got nothing on me…provided there is a chorus.

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