Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Potentially re-wound

I try to stay out of political and religious conversations, especially since I tend to lean one direction and almost everyone I’m related to leans in the opposite. I’m not sure how this happened. Blame it on a penchant for studying history, a habit of reading questionable publications and an unwillingness to allow any one doctrine to dye my thinking one color or another.

My keeping my mouth shut makes for less-stressful family gatherings. And now that I’m in business for myself, I have no interest in alienating potential customers because of my ‘leanings’ and I tend to keep politics and religion out of conversations altogether.

I think that is terribly sad. My freedom of speech is self-censored and carefully monitored because I don’t want to offend anyone. But here, where I’m semi-anonymous - or at least I let myself believe I am semi-anonymous - I am a bit more brave. Kinda. Not really. But ok.

I read this today.

And I wondered if the Republicans yelping how this is an “attack on religious freedom” understand what they are really saying.

One group holds a certain belief. Some other people believe differently. Does that mean each gets to tell the other what do to based on their beliefs? No. There we have a simplistic description of religious freedom.

But when the Republicans demand people with a different belief system comply to their belief system (pro-life) they are essentially attacking another belief system (pro-choice).

Such a slippery slope of razor blades…of “Doublethink” where two ideas - completely contradictory - are accepted and believed as simultaneously true…and swallowed whole.

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Rootietoot said...

This is how I feel about the whole gay marriage thing. "it threatens to destroy the sanctity of marriage"
how, exactly? My marriage isn't threatened. What about Kim Kardashian and Brit-Brit? Obviously since their marriages were hetero, they can do whatever.
I don't talk about such stuff either, but I wish I had someone with whom I could.