Monday, April 02, 2012

Create something

Creativity for me has hit the crapper. I’m not writing. I’m not sure where my camera is located. My garden is a weed patch and has been for about three seasons.

Anyway, I dug through some old email in Gmail. (Gotta love that nothing ever has to be deleted on that account.) I found that once upon a long time ago when I was actively blogging, I signed up for a daily prompt service called Plinky. They are still operational, though certainly not Facebook, and while they don’t support Blogger as a platform, they do have a way for me to ‘embed’ my Plinky answers to So maybe this will be the creative kick in the pants I need to get writing on an everyday-ish basis again.

Don’t hold your breath.

              sunny april morning spaghetti tree harvest   
  The best April Fools' Day prank I've ever heard of is an old one: The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest. The explanation is here at the Museum of Hoaxes:  Museum of Hoaxes


Melmac Cenral said...

Why does the game plinko come to mind? I totally agree with you about having the creativity in the crapper lately. I'm off to check out plinky.

Rootietoot said...

I saw the photo and wondered if Banana was drying worms for some mysterious Norwegian Easter dish.