Tuesday, May 01, 2012

As real as it gets

I’ve shifted my priorities - as far as what I start my day with in terms of ‘getting things done.’ I think it might be working as I feel like I’m accomplishing more,  procrastinating far far less.

As it was, I’d start the day with email. Reading email only. Responses came later. But the reading of email is no small feat as I have my work email, Gmail, hotmail, and yahoo. Granted, much of that ‘reading’ amounted to marking everything as read and moving on. I can filter pretty quickly when I need to. Then to the personal Facebook and Twitter accounts - to see what else was going on in the world. Then to the feed reader…I read a LOT of news, I’ve discovered. At this point, if I’ve started my day at 8am, it is almost noon. Noon. NOON. And I’VE DONE NOTHING to make any money.

No wonder I’m broke. I’m very well informed. But broke.

About the time I’d get productive - after lunch - Muffin would be on the bus home and people would be growling about supper and homework and whatnot. I actually ‘worked’ for maybe four hours a day. Not nearly enough - not with the business I’m still trying to get off the ground.

So. Upset the apple cart of my working from home schedule. Pronto. Granted - this doesn’t completely work when I’m on the road, but some aspects do.

Now on my new schedule …I check personal Facebook and Twitter accounts before I get out of bed. Yes, I’ve joined that pathetic demographic, but it is to my advantage. I interact far less, but that is just social stuff - fluff. If there is something important, I can manage it on my phone in two clicks and get on with it. I also quickly scan email accounts on the Droid to make sure nothing important developed overnight.

Then shower, dress, kick people and animals out of the house, swap laundry around and fire up the laptop.

Check email - work email only - and the online calendar I share with my partner. Fill in and update whatever comes to mind at the time.

Then to my list. As electronic device and app dependent I’ve become since moving into the world of smart phones and such, I like to make an ink and paper list. I double check email and calendar entries, jot a few notes and get to work crossing tasks and projects off my list.

And guess what? It is working. Among a bunch of other stuff I managed to accomplish yesterday, I sent invoices and processed credit cards for some work that is coming up - and damn, but that felt good.

I still spend a lot of time piddling around the internet - reading too much and playing. But that doesn’t come first anymore. It can’t.

Reading back over this, it is really silly to think I had to make a conscious choice to devote time to my company and not just playing around. But when I was spending that time reading email and feeds and such, it was - in my head - productive because I could ‘cross that off my list’ each day. It just wasn’t the kind of productive I need to be. Everyone has their own arrival times, I guess, and mine just kicked me in the butt in the form of an empty bank account.

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