Friday, January 16, 2015

Be specific

On the side road that takes me to Interstate and just before the onramp, I drove past a parked pickup today - the kind with weld machines and tool boxes anchored to the pickup’s bed. This isn’t unusual, as people stop along the road for all kinds of reasons: to take/make phone calls or text messages, to check maps or look for paperwork, to sleep, to adjust/secure cargo.

The driver of this particular pickup was standing by the endgate and was facing the ditch, so when I drove up I could see him in profile. It was obvious just exactly what he was doing and it sure as hell wasn’t securing cargo. My sudden arrival startled him, and I’m guessing probably embarrassed him; he quickly zipped up and turned so I couldn’t see his face.

Since when is this ok - if it ever was - stopping on the side road to pee? Usually the culprits are men, but occasionally I’ve driven over the hill to see more of a woman than I care to, relieving herself in the open air, not 75 yards from the Interstate.

And really, if this were 100 miles from any kind of town or rest area, I probably wouldn’t think much of it, but 15 miles east or west on that 75-mile-an-hour Interstate and there are truck stops, gas stations, restaurants and rest stops a-plenty.

I think I’m going to get signs made - like the ones for posting “no hunting” areas - that say “Pee-free zone: take it to town” (or something similar).



The weather today requires a new word, but I’m not sure what. The temperature is 27F with 100% humidity. Cold. Damp. Foggy. Snow is threatening - I can smell it on the air. Conditions are perfect for frosting tree branches, evergreens, fences - anything really. Everything is grey, silver, white-washed - like going back to Kansas black and white after living in Oz technicolor.

There should be a word for this.

Froggy (Frosty + Foggy) is the best I can come up with, but it’s not really evocative of the white haze and wet cold, but I hope you get the idea. If there is a more descriptive word already in existence and I’m just too lazy to find it in a thesaurus, help a girl out.


Winter is weighing me down, more so this year than I can remember from years past. Everything seems to take more and more time and effort. Getting dressed. Going to town to run errands. Walking the dog. Cooking supper. Looking for work. Everything is heavy and dense making it difficult to think clearly and stay focused.

I can and I do all those things and more of course; my point is that it just takes more time and concerted effort.



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