Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Take a walk

Today the outside temperature hovered at that “just bearable” above zero degree and without much of a wind I had to take Smoke out for a walk for the first time this month. Winter is brutal.

So I layered on clothing, pulled on my boots, and hauled my out of shape self out the door for about half an hour this morning. Rewards for such insanity include coffee, more coffee, sausage-egg-and-hashbrown slow cooker recipe leftovers from last night for lunch today, and a piece of dark chocolate.



Chad went to town today in search of various items including a few ingredients that I’m short on to make General Tsao’s Chicken. In the slow cooker, of course. I’ve never tried such an adventurous recipe, so I’m not holding much for expectations.


Between searching for new and interesting slow cooker recipes and new and interesting crochet patterns, my browser cache is the stuff of legend. If Big Brother is out there (and we all know he is) and watching me he will have a nice nap after sifting through such information.

I’m also searching - without success - for a new career path. Please have hope, dear reader, for I’m losing mine, that this new path does not include Walmart, bagging groceries, or telemarketing.


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