Monday, January 18, 2016


In the process of purging my closet and various dressers, I learned many things. One interesting lesson was that I no longer own a decent swim suit. The black tank suit I’ve worn for the past few years is faded and, to be blunt, ugly. And it doesn’t fit anymore, regardless. 
Why am I thinking about swim wear in January in the Northland? Funny thing: we are going to the Bahamas at the end of the month for about a week, courtesy of the company from which The Farm buys chemical and seed. I’m looking forward to sand and surf and sunshine and too much food and far too many tropical drinks with little umbrellas for garnish. I foresee sunburn and sugar comas.


For Christmas, Chad bought me the RTIC 30 oz tumbler. He has a Yeti. I don’t see much of a difference, besides the obvious branding. I should have asked him to wait until RTIC came out with the sliding top lid, making it spill-proof, but I’m guessing I can pick that up later.
I like it. Coffee stays hot. Mmm, coffee.


Muffin and I are now workout partners. Or at least until the gym decides to tell me how much all of this is costing me. The plan is to get and keep Muffy in shape during the off season. And this will be how I die. At the gym, whilst muscle bound gym-rats gawk and point as I drown in my own sweat.


Rootietoot said...

Oh boy, closet purging.i need to do that, both mine (I've lost 30 pounds, we need to get tougher and compare and compliment!) and nothing fits except the 2 pair of jeans and 3 tshirts I bought recently. Part of me says "keep it! You'll gain it all back!" But the other part says if I get rid of it, there will be more incentive to keep it off. I hate buying clothes that much. Also, my swim suit is a size 20 and I'm aSize 14 now. And we live near enough to the beach. Ugh. I hate shopping for swim suits. BUT, the end result is nice, right? A clear closet and all that baggage staring at you is done with! Congratulations and maybe I will do it, too.

Northern_Girl said...

It was one of those "snowball rolling downhill" type things. Once I started purging all of that *stuff* it just kept getting easier and easier to pitch things that no longer fit or that I knew I would never wear again. It was cathartic. Now for the hallway linen closet. Oy.